Health Outreach Program

Health Outreach Program

Our Goal

To provide preventive healthcare services to underserved individuals in rural villages and urban slums where there is limited or no access to care.


The Challenge

Around 70% of the population still lives in rural communities of India where access to hospitals, clinics or other reliable medical infrastructures is very limited. India has 48 doctors per 100,000 persons which is less than one doctor for every 1000 population.

Underprivileged individuals living in rural communities and urban slums suffer from adverse health conditions due to inequalities in access to healthcare. Affordability, Accessibility and unwillingness to lose a day's wage to go for a medical check-up are key problems preventing many people from getting adequate healthcare services. Lack of education and awareness about healthy and hygienic habits causes many serious diseases that can be easily prevented.

"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything"

- Arabic proverb

Our Strategy

At United World Foundation, we believe that every individual should be empowered to live a healthy and productive life. Through our Health Outreach Program, we aim to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages by organizing mobile medical camps and healthcare awareness seminars in rural communities. With good health, people are capable of lifting themselves out of poverty, living happier lives and building a better future for themselves and their families.

As a part of our Health Outreach Program, a medical team of doctors, gynaecologists, nurses and volunteers visit schools, orphanages and NGOs in rural communities to provide free medicines and healthcare services.



Mobile Health Camp


After carefully evaluating all the available options to effectively address the inequality in access to healthcare services, we realized that a mobile healthcare services delivery system is the most practical mechanism. Through Mobile Health Camp, we bring quality healthcare services to doorsteps of people in need. With a special focus on women and children, we provide free medical check-ups and medicines to ensure that children grow up healthy and enjoy a happy childhood. We also conduct healthcare awareness seminars and provide guidelines to prevent basic diseases.